Your all-in one media wishlist

Sequel helps you keep track of the movies, shows, games, books and audiobooks you want to check out, all in one place.

Whether it’s the TV show your friend raved about, a new book from your favourite author or an upcoming video game, Sequel is your go-to media wishlist. It reminds you of new releases, keeps track of your progress and more.

Key Features

• Track movies, TV shows, games, books and audiobooks
• Release reminders, so you never miss what you’ve been waiting for
• Highlight of the latest releases across your wishlist
• Track the completion of what you’ve watched, read and played
• Detailed progress for the TV shows you’re watching
• Create collections to curate your own media library
• A quick and easy search experience across all media types
• iCloud syncing between your iPhone and iPad

Sequel is for you if…

• You use a note-taking app to keep track of things you want to check out
• You can't keep track of when your favourite shows come out
• You buy games and books faster than you can finish them
• You miss new releases you're looking forward to

Why did I make Sequel?

I started working on Sequel 10 years ago as a way to keep track of the movies I was excited to watch. My initial exploration and prototypes were promising but I had to set the idea aside.

Fast forward to 2021 and it struck me: the problems I was trying to solve for movies apply to other mediums. Now more than ever, entertainment helps us relax and escape. But with easier access to endless entertainment, it feels overwhelming to keep track of what we actually care about.

Sequel needed to include more than just movies. I wanted to create a space that’s uniquely yours by letting you keep track of all the stories that make you tick. An app that embraces the anticipation we all feel for a new movie, game, book, etc. The name Sequel eludes to that by hinting at what’s next in a story.


Sequel is free to download and offers a trial in which users can add up to 25 items and create up to 5 collections. Users can subscribe to Sequel+ to unlock unlimited items, collections and release reminders. Sequel+ is available as a monthly ($2.99/£2.99) or yearly ($25.49/£24.49) subscription.


You can download a set of graphics as well as iOS and iPadOS screenshots here.

Sequel is lovingly crafted by Romain Lefebvre

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