2.0 Changelog

Minimum Version

iOS 16.0

Release Date

March 29, 2023

Rich Media Details

Sequel gives you more information so you can choose what to enjoy next and make the most out of your downtime.

  • Ratings average and count.

  • Synopsis / description of the item.

  • Trailers, making of and other video content.

  • Where to watch, powered by JustWatch, with one-tap access to streaming apps.

  • Movie and Series cast and actors' filmography.

  • Consoles availability for games.

  • Time to beat for games, powered by How Long to Beat.

Advanced Widgets

Bring the power of Sequel straight to your Home Screen and Lock Screen.

  • Countdown: Keep an eye on an upcoming item with a beautiful countdown.

  • Up Next Queue: Access the episodes that are on next.

  • Quick Access: The fastest way to search and access your library.

  • Out Now and Upcoming: View recently released items and upcoming ones.

New Ways to Manage your Saved Items

Keeping your entertainment library tidy can be time-consuming. In 2.0, Sequel gives you new and improved ways to manage your saved items.

  • Customise how your saved items are sorted. Choose a different sort option for each media type and status.

  • Mark items as Playing/Reading for quick access at the top of your library.

  • Mark items as Abandoned when you don't intend to finish them.

  • New experience for interacting with a series' seasons and episodes.

  • Easily mark all past episodes and entire seasons as watched in one go.

New Business Model

Sequel is moving away from a subscription-only approach to a freemium model. This means that the core experience of Sequel is now completely free to all users. For those looking to supercharge their experience, subscribing to Sequel+ unlocks additional features such as release reminders, advanced widgets, where to watch information, and more.

Other New Features and Improvements

  • Rate items on a 5-star scale.

  • New experience for controlling your item's status (finished etc.).

  • Smart search has been improved to provide more relevant results.

  • Tapping a notification now opens the corresponding item screen.

  • Long-press saved items anywhere in the app to quickly change their status.

Sequel is lovingly crafted by Romain Lefebvre